Daily(ish) Paintings

Daily(ish) Paintings

Daily(ish) Paintings

Welcome to my first ever blog post!  New year, new blog-confidence?  We'll see!

In March 2020 when things started getting a little hectic and scary, I decided to get the gouache paints out and host a daily painting sale through my instagram page. Read below to learn how it started and what I think, looking back on it all now.

We were going into a Covid lockdown. I'd been let go from my job and suddenly had a lot of time on my hands. Hoping to make the most of what I thought was only a temporary situation, I started a daily painting challenge until my return to work. ( I also made tortellini pasta, bread and cinnamon buns)

Producing a painting every single day is a much bigger challenge than I originally anticipated, it really stretched my mind. I have a new level of respect for artists that do a daily painting for a whole year. I managed just 11 weeks, skipping a few days here and there, and think thats HUGE!

Being in lockdown and rarely leaving the house meant my world became a lot smaller, the places I used to draw inspiration from we're unavailable and I was forced to look for other sources. A cherished object in my apartment, a story on instagram, a phone call with a friend, flowers from my daily walk.

It's still a pandemic, but I'm back working, have left the city and my world is big again, I'm now able to step back and compare my more current artwork with the paintings I made in Spring 2020. Looking at my work from different periods of time reminds me that as an artist I'm really just reflecting what I see and my experience of the world. When things started to get scary and different in 2020, I just zoomed in closer to the things that felt good and safe... I love how this shows in my paintings.

 Between March 19th and May 28th I produced 42 paintings, and sold nearly all of them through a daily instagram auction.

It's amazing what you can achieve in the middle of a pandemic, this is a body of work that I wont forget! Thank you everyone that followed along and encouraged me! 

Here's some of my favourite Iphone photos I took of my messy art table!  


Happy New Year!





  • A painting a day for 11 weeks is amazing. Keep up the great work!

    Lydia Karpenko on

  • Love learning more about your story and your process!

    Beth Hunt on

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